Accessing Other Realms - Full Series


Kickoff - March 30 @8am MST <your time>

Welcome to the "Accessing Other Realms" class series, where we dive deep into the diverse and enchanting world of spirits! In this transformative journey, we explore the various categories of spirits, learning how to recognize them, understand their chosen roles, and embrace the wisdom they offer. Join us for this immersive experience as we unravel the mysteries of: 

  1. Elementals: Delve into the magical world of nature spirits, from fairies to gnomes, and understand their vital roles in maintaining harmony in the natural world. 
  2. Nature Spirits: Discover the spirits dwelling in nature's elements and learn how to honor and work with them for healing and balance.
  3. Guardian Spirits: Connect with personal guides and guardians who accompany you on your life journey, offering protection, wisdom, and support.
  4. Ghosts/Spirits of the Dead: Explore the realm of spirits who have departed but remain connected to the earthly plane, understanding their messages and needs.
  5. Ancestors: Discover the wisdom and blessings of your lineage predecessors and learn how to connect with them for guidance and support.
  6. Poltergeists: Understand the phenomenon of disruptive spirits and how to address disturbances caused by energetic entities.
  7. Angels: Learn about the celestial messengers and guardians who offer protection, healing, and divine interventions in our lives.
  8. Demons: Gain insights into dark spirits and understand their energies, motivations, and how to navigate challenges posed by negative entities.
  9. Spirit Guides: Connect with higher-dimensional guides who offer spiritual teachings, insights, and guidance for your soul's evolution
  10. Extraterrestrials: Journey into the cosmos and explore the fascinating world of beings from other planets, understanding their cultures, technologies, and contributions to our understanding of the universe.
  11. Deities/Gods/Goddesses: Explore the divine realms and connect with powerful spiritual beings who offer insights, blessings, and divine guidance.
  12. Ascended Masters: Learn from enlightened beings who transcend earthly limitations and serve as mentors and teachers for spiritual growth.

You're invited to join us for one or all twelve classes at a special price! Embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery as we unlock the secrets of the spirit world together. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your awareness and connect with the diverse spirits that surround us. What else is possible that we have never even considered with Accessing Other Realms?



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$350.00 USD

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