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Welcome to the "Accessing Other Realms" class series, where we dive deep into the diverse and enchanting world of spirits! In this transformative journey, we explore the various categories of spirits, learning how to recognize them, understand their chosen roles, and embrace the wisdom they offer. Join us for this immersive experience as we unravel the mysteries of: 

Part 5: Ancestors

Discover the wisdom and blessings of your lineage predecessors and learn how to connect with them for guidance and support.



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$44.00 USD

A poltergeist is a type of disruptive spirit often associated with physical disturbances such as moving objects, loud noises, or unexplained phenomena. While their presence can be unsettling, they are believed to be manifestations of energy rather than individual entities. 

Join us for our next Zoom event as we delve into the intriguing world of poltergeists. Explore their characteristics, understand the energies behind poltergeist activity, and learn how to address and manage disturbances caused by energetic phenomena. Reserve your spot to gain insights into these fascinating occurrences and empower yourself with knowledge and understanding.

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