Receiving Energy Pulls

 The "Receiving Energy Pulls" product by Venus is a profound exploration of Access Consciousness tools that invite you to open yourself up to a world of infinite possibilities. What if you could receive from everything with no preconceived point of view? 

In this unique journey, you'll dive deep into the concept that everything, absolutely everything, desires to contribute to you. It's an invitation to let go of judgment and allow the universe to gift you with its abundance and wisdom. You'll learn how to pull in the energy of the universe and receive from sources you may have never even considered.

Imagine the empowerment and expansion that await as you embrace this perspective of receiving without limits. What hidden treasures and insights can you uncover when you're open to receiving from all aspects of your life? How might this shift in your approach to receiving create a more fulfilling and abundant reality for you?

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$170.00 USD

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