About Venus


Venus Castleberg is a highly skilled and passionate Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Access Talk to the Entities Facilitator, and Symphony of Possibilities practitioner. With years of experience in the field of, Venus is dedicated to empowering individuals in their psychic development, awareness, and self-discovery journey.

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Venus facilitates dynamic workshops and sessions that invite participants to tap into their limitless potential, unlock their innate capacities, and embrace conscious choices. Through transformative tools and processes, to create greater clarity, joy, and abundance in all areas of their lives.

With a specialization in Access Talk to the Entities, Venus offers a unique perspective and support for those seeking to explore and communicate with the spirit realm. Through practical techniques and insights, she assists individuals in cultivating a deeper understanding of entities and expanding their awareness of the unseen realms.

Furthermore, as a skilled Symphony of Possibilities practitioner, Venus invites clients to experience the magic of energetic transformation and unlock the symphony of possibilities available to them. Through customized sessions, she facilitates the harmonization and expansion of energies, allowing individuals to access greater ease, joy, and embodiment.

Venus Castleberg's warm presence, profound insights, and compassionate approach create a safe and empowering space for clients to explore their innate abilities, awaken their consciousness, and create the life they desire. Whether you're seeking psychic development, entity communication, or energetic transformation, Venus is dedicated to facilitating your journey with wisdom, kindness, and a commitment to your expansion

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"I am LOVING your daily energy pulls! I wasn’t able to join any of the days in real time, but I am watching them now and receiving so much from the experience. Your energy is so beautiful and inviting! I am watching each day first thing in the morning as a part of my morning mindfulness/meditation practice, and I’m finding it’s such a wonderful way to set the tone for the day. Thank you for the contribution you BE!"


"The training that I have done with Venus for psychic development has been amazing! The time that we have worked together I have gained insight and knowledge of how I see, hear, and perceive my abilities and have grown so quickly and exponentially. It has been amazing to be guided through the process and just have someone support you as well as Venus does. I love working with her! Jen K
Working with Venus has taken my gifts to an entirely new level. With this course, she has empowered me to reach beyond my own expectations and stretched me out of my comfort zone. Her grace and pace at which she teaches makes it a comfortable and fun learning experience.  Every class and session are magical beyond words. My whole world has expanded to a capacity I didn’t realize was possible!"

Monique B